More than an assistant, your copilot and mentor for life

With Needyu's intelligence, you can evolve and transform your human potential by integrating your personal and professional productivity.


Are online meetings stealing your time?

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Voice to text

Automatic collection of meeting content, mentoring sessions, online classes with high privacy security.

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Realtime intelligence

Insights, accuracy, responses, counterpoints during and after online meetings for all personal and professional profiles.

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Knowledge sources

Include and attach files and documents and request quick summaries and analyses of the content in real time to enrich the meeting.

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Needyu will boost your productivity and efficiency

We offer a copilot to enhance your intelligence and optimize your tasks, allowing more time to take care of yourself, the people you love, and find a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

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Chat with your copilot through a Central Chat

Ask questions about your weekly, monthly meetings or specific topics and get accurate and instant answers. Boost your efficiency and productivity with Needyu, your intelligent real-time support tool.

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Needyu will drive Insights for you

Needyu will drive Insights for you! Get powerful analyses of your meetings and mentoring sessions with our advanced artificial intelligence platform. Discover hidden opportunities, identify patterns, and make strategic decisions with confidence. Transform your interactions into valuable insights with Needyu by your side.

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Activate your Copilot in case of absence

Activate your Copilot in case of absence and we will take notes for you! Don't miss any important information even when you are not present. With Needyu, your virtual copilot, you can trust that all discussions, decisions, and ideas will be recorded in an organized and accessible manner when you return. Stay informed and in control, even when you are absent.

What users are saying

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Explore Safely: Plugin, Privacy, and Security of your data

Discover Needyu and navigate with the assurance that your privacy and security are our top priority. Our plugins are meticulously designed to integrate into your workflow, enhancing your efficiency without compromising security. With clear privacy policies and robust security protocols, we ensure your data is protected at all times.

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Compatibility with communication platforms

Needyu seamlessly integrates with global market leaders, allowing users to maximize the efficiency of their video conferences. Our platform enhances features, facilitating meeting organization, participant management, and automatic documentation of discussions, turning each session into an opportunity for increased productivity.